Rewards Points

We credit your customer account with Rewards Points automatically after each of your order is shipped.

Redeem points you earn when you paid your new order.

You save the same amount from your purchase as the amount of points you redeem.

Each point is worth 1 Japanese yen for purchasing from us.


How to earn Points

You automatically earn points after each of your order is shipped.

Your customer account is credited with points equal in value to 1% of the total price of the products you purchase.

Rewards Points expire in 1 year after they are credited on your customer account and all of Rewards points 

expire date are automatically extend to 1 year.

It's not possible to earn points for the portion of the total price of the product paid for by redeeming points.

Shipping charge or any other fee won't be included in calculation of the points you earn from your purchase.

(e.g.) If you redeem 300 points to an order with a subtotal of 2,000 yen.
you will receive 17 points (2,000 - 300 = 1700 x 1% = 17)


Aapplicable rules

Rules Point Condition
Welcome Points 500 Points When shipment status changed to ''Delivered'' on first time your order
Rewards Points 1% of the total price of the products you purchase
It's depend on each products.
When shipment status changed to ''Delivered''
Review Points 100 Points When Administrator approved to review your post


How to Redeem Your Points

Redeem points to pay for the products you are purchasing, as well as to pay for the shipping charge at the time

when you place your new order. Please note that is not possible to redeem points on already existing orders.

Proceed to checkout from your shopping cart and sign into your Customer Account.


Welcome Points for New Customers

Right now, we are offering 500 points to new customers. The points will be credited to your account

automatically as soon as you finish creating your customer account.