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POLLAKISU Tablets 2:100tablets

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Brand name :POLLAKISU Tablets 2
Active ingredient: Oxybutynin hydrochloride
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
By neurotropic action (antimuscarinic action) and bladder smooth muscle direct action (calcium antagonistic action), we inhibit the overstrain of the bladder and increase bladder capacity and urination threshold pressure.
We usually improve neurogenic bladder dysfunction, the urinary frequency by the unstable bladder, a feeling of urinary urgency, a symptom of the urinary incontinence.

Dosing schedule
Adults usually take 1-1.5 tablets of once (as a chief ingredient 2-3 mg) three times a day.
In addition, it is increased and decreased appropriately by age, a symptom. Please follow the remedy method pointed out by all means. When you noticed when you forget to drink, please swallow up the draft as soon as possible. However, you transfer you once, and please drink draft at normal taking next time when it is almost the next time to usually drink. It must never swallow up 2 batches at a time.


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