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PYRIDOXAL Tablets 30mg:100tablets

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Brand name :PYRIDOXAL Tablets 30mg
Active ingredient: Pyridoxal phosphate hydrate
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
It is active form vitamin B6 preparation associated with invivo various kinds of metabolism as coenzyme.
Skin, mucosa, treatment, vitamin B6 of nervous inflammation and anemia occurring due to deficiency of vitamin B6 are usually used for supplementation when we cannot take it in enough by diets. Also, we are used for vitamin B6 addiction.

Dosing schedule
The adults divide 10-60 mg a day into 1-3 times as a chief ingredient and usually take it.
It is increased and decreased appropriately by disease and age, a symptom to be treated. It may be rarely gained weight for the vitamin B6 addiction more.
This medicine contains 30 mg of chief ingredients in one tablet.
Please follow the remedy method pointed out by all means.
Because you are devised without melting with stomach to melt with intestines for the first time, please just drink it without biting it.
When you forget to drink, please drink immediately when you remembered it.


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