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EPLcapsule 250mg:400tablets

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Brand name:EPLcapsules 250 mg
Active ingredient: Polyenephosphatidylcholine
Volume: 400 capsules (10 capsules x 40)
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
Tweaks, such as sugars, proteins, lipid metabolism and improve liver function, interaction, such as normalization of cholesterol catabolism and excretion problems, and blood flow, reduces blood lipids.
Usually used to improve liver function in chronic liver disease, fatty liver, Hyperlipidemia treatment.

Dosing schedule
Typically, adults is 2 capsules (as a principal ingredient is 500 mg) due to age and symptoms and disorders receive treatment will one day take three times the dosage may be adjusted. Follow the dress manner must be indicated. When you realized you drink as soon as possible. However, skip one is usually hours: If you do not drink. Do not absolutely doses to 2 times.


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