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Alvesco 50mcg Inhaler 112 puffs

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Brand name :Alvesco 50mcg Inhaler 112 puffs
Active ingredient: Ciclesonide
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
This medicine is a synthetic steroid with anti-asthmatic and anti-inflammatory effects, and suppresses airway inflammation, leading to alleviations in the severity and frequency of asthma attacks.
It is usually used to treat bronchial asthma. This medicine is not used to quickly relieve an attack that has already started.

Dosing schedule
In general, for adults, inhale 2 to 8 puffs (100 to 400 mcg of the active ingredient) at a time, once a day. The dosage should be adjusted according to the symptoms. However, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 16 puffs (800 mcg). If you inhale 16 puffs a day, inhale them in two divided doses, morning and evening. In general, for children, inhale 2 to 4 puffs (100 to 200 mcg of the active ingredient) at a time, once a day. If the symptom is well-controlled, the dosage can be reduced to 1 puff (50 mcg) once a day. Strictly follow the instructions.
When you use this medicine, read carefully the instructions on the portable bag and instruction leaflet "To Patients Using Alvesco".
After inhaling, gargle as much as possible. If you cannot gargle, rinse your mouth.
In a single can, this medicine can be sprayed for up to 112 puffs. Do not spray more than that.
If you inhale one dose a day and miss a dose, inhale the missed dose as soon as possible. If you inhale two doses a day and miss a dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule. You should never inhale two doses at one time.
If you accidentally use more than your prescribed dose, consult with your doctor or pharmacist.
Do not stop using this medicine unless your doctor instructs you to do so.