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Menesit Tablets-100:100tablets

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Brand name :Menesit Tablets-100
Active ingredient: Carbidopa
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
This medicine inhibits decarboxylase outside the brain, transmits dopamine into the brain efficiently to supplement insufficient dopamine in the brain, and consequently improves symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease.
It is usually used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and parkinsonian syndrome.

Dosing schedule
If you have never taken levodopa before, in general, for adults, the initial dose is started at 100 to 125 mg of levodopa at a time, 100 to 300 mg daily, and the dose is increased by 100 to 125 mg every day or every other day, then the optimal dose is determined as the maintenance dose. Standard dose is 200 to 250 mg at a time, 3 times daily.
If you have been taking levodopa, in general, for adults, take at least 8-hour interval after taking levodopa alone, the initial dose is determined based on equivalent to one fifth of levodopa of the daily maintenance dose, and take it in 3 divided doses daily.
The dosage may be adjusted according to the symptoms in any case, however, the daily dose should not be exceeded 1,500 mg of levodopa. This preparation contains 100 mg of levodopa in a tablet. Strictly follow the instructions.


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