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IMIGRAN Tablets 50:12tablets

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Brand name :IMIGRAN Tablets 50
Active ingredient: Sumatriptan succinate
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
This medicine constricts excessively dilated intracranial/extracranial blood vessels under migraine attack and puts them back to normal. It also reduces inflammation around the vessels by suppressing the release of substance which causes inflammation. It is normally used to treat migraine attack, not to prevent it.

Dosing schedule
General dosage regimen (for adults): Take 1 tablet (50mg of sumatriptan) when migraine attack occurs. If effect of this medicine is insufficient, use an additional dose at an interval of 2 or more hours. If a dose of 1 tablet (50mg) is not effective, it can be increased to 2 tablets (100mg) from next attack. Daily dosage should not exceed 4 tablets (200mg). Strictly follow your doctor's instructions.

If this medicine is not effective for your migraine, there is a possibility you may have another disease. Using this medicine again despite its ineffectiveness may cause you to miss dangerous headache which warns of other severe disease. In such cases, please check with your doctor.


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