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Amerge Tablets 2.5mg:20tablets

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Brand name :Amerge Tablets 2.5mg
Active ingredient: Naratriptan hydrochloride
Workable quantity:1Package

Effects of this medicine
This medicine contracts and normalizes blood vessels inside and outside the skull that are excessively expanded during a migraine. It improves migraines by alleviating perivascular inflammation through suppression of the release of substances that cause inflammation.
It is usually used to treat migraine attacks and not used to prevent attacks.

Dosing schedule
In general, for adults, take 1 tablet (2.5 mg as the active ingredient) at a time during a migraine. This medicine may be taken more than once if the effect is insufficient, but the next dose should be taken at least 4 hours after the previous dose. The total daily dose is 2 tablets (5 mg) or less. If you have hepatic or renal dysfunction, the total daily dose is 1 tablet (2.5 mg) or less. Strictly follow the instructions.
If this medicine shows no effect for migraine, stop taking this medicine for the headache. It may not be a migraine, and a dangerous headache might be overlooked. Make sure you consult with your doctor.


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