Please understand that customers who are living in Japan cannot purchase products from us.

About Anshin Japan Pharmacy

Anshin Japan Pharmacy is shopping site that serves as a “personal import agent” for customers wanting to purchase Japanese prescription medicine from abroad.

What is a “personal import agent?” There are probably people asking themselves this question, so I will briefly explain.  “Personal import” is as written, refers to a personal importer, or, an individual who personally purchases goods from another country. 

Well then, what is a “personal import agent?”  As inserted, “agent” is our company, who orders and makes the required payment on behalf of the customer.

Therefore, Anshin Japan Pharmacy does not directly sell and ship prescription medicine.  As explained above, our job is to provide customers, who have completed the purchase form and designated payment method on our site, with a quick and easy shopping experience without all the hassles of complicated ordering processes and overseas remittance fees.

We have partnered with reputable pharmacist and pharmacies throughout Japan to give our overseas customers peace of mind knowing that all medicine sold on this site is safe and abides by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

※Please note that we are unable to sell to residents living in Japan.  We appreciate your understanding.

All of our prescription medicine is shipped directly from Japan, so you can be sure that you are purchasing safe, top quality Japanese products. We look forward to your business. 

If the medicine you are looking for is not listed on this site, please click the image below and send us your request.